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The Hollywood Bible is an analysis of Hollywood films of recent years for their Jewish content, including films that have significant Jewish symbolism, such as Star Wars. The book does film reviews for the purposes of Jewish education and uses of film for the classroom. It also includes, following each piece, a series of discussion questions to be used at the educator's discretion with the film. It is by no means an exhaustive list of questions and I hope that the questions will inspire educators to develop more questions and stimulate discussion and debate with each screening.
It is my hope that rabbis and other clergy, Jewish educators and Sunday school teachers, theology and religion professors will read this book and that it will inspire you to teach Jewish thought, Jewish history, spirituality, tolerance, and the Hebrew Bible through the use of film. I also hope that a much larger readership will find it interesting and that this book will find a place for people searching for answers. I pray that this book will help you to view Hollywood as sacred and Holy - wood. This is the Holy(wood) Bible.

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