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Softcover Student Edition textbook with a 1-year digital subscription to Student Edition FlexText® and Explorer.

Your all-in-one program, Triángulo Aprobado has everything you need for AP® Spanish language, culture, and test preparation.

This Intermediate-High to Advanced-Low level Spanish program is structured around the themes and sub-themes presented by the College Board. It offers students a framework through which to explore the products, practices, and perspectives of Spanish-speaking cultures.

Triángulo Aprobado provides:

Challenging Exercises
Articles, letters, posters, flash fiction, graphs, images, brochures, web pages, poetry, commercials, instructional videos, and podcasts adhere to AP® task length and difficulty requirements while challenging students with the dialects, accents, and idioms of Spanish-speaking cultures.

Cultural Insights Go Beyond Test Preparation
Cápsula culturales
present a wide range of interesting cultural matters, and at the conclusion of each one, Comparaciones can be used for further comparison of the home culture with Spanish-speaking cultures. Preguntas culturales elicit thought about what a product in a culture is, how it is used, and why it is used.

Triángulo Aprobado
can be used in any order. You can connect a sub-theme from one global theme with a sub-theme from another. They interconnect, offering flexibility and endless variations of texts and audios.

Learning Site Access
Every new copy of Triángulo Aprobado includes a 1-year subscription to the online Triángulo Aprobado Explorer, which provides students with videos, downloadable audios, flashcards, quizzes, AP® exam rubrics, practice exams, and additional AP®-style activities that can only be found online.

**Purchasing a new copy of this title grants complimentary access to Explorer for one year. Used copies may not include access.**

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