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This book develops the first half of a full course in Algebra 2 using the TI-nspire technology (version 2). The topics are introduced in a highly motivational way, using cartoons, human interest items, and real-world applications that connect the mathematics to the student's interests. Each lesson begins with a motivational introduction, followed by worked examples that showcase the solutions with and without the TI-nspire technology. Keying sequences are provided for both TI-nspire and TI-nspire CAS. Each unit begins with a display of the TI-nspire menus that will be used throughout the unit. Only the appropriate menus and commands are employed so that the mathematics is not subordinated to the technological procedures. There are complete solutions to all the exercises. The table of contents is as follows: Unit 1: Numbers & Number Systems Unit Preview: The Home Menu The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic Greatest Common Divisor & Least Common Multiple From Integers to Rational Numbers The Discovery of Irrational Numbers The Golden Ratio & Rational Approximations Complex Numbers: Rectangular Form Complex Numbers: Operations Unit 2: Sequences, Series & Functions Unit Preview: Defining & Graphing Sequences Using Formulas to Define Sequences Using Recursion to Define Sequences The Sum of an Arithmetic Series The Sum of a Geometric Series Sums of Infinite Series Applications of Sequences: Future Value Applications of Sequences: Present Value Unit 3: Matrices Unit Preview: Matrices & Matrix Transformations Matrices & Matrix Addition Products of Matrices Matrix Transformations Successive Transformations The Determinant of a Matrix The Inverse of a Matrix Unit 4: Linear Systems Unit Preview: Six Ways to Solve Linear Systems Solving a Linear System Using a Table or Graph Solving a Linear System Using Algebra Analyzing 2 x 2 Linear Systems Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities Linear Programming Solving 3 x 3 Linear Systems Unit 5: Quadratic Functions & Equations Unit Preview: Five Ways to Solve a Quadratic Equation Quadratic Growth: From Tables to Graphs Analyzing Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form Analyzing Quadratic Functions in Standard Form The Roots of a Quadratic Equation Quadratic Inequalities Using Quadratic Functions to Model Data Unit 6: Polynomials & Polynomial Equations Unit Preview: The Max, Min & Solve Commands From Monomials to Polynomials Products & Powers of Polynomials Factoring Polynomials The Remainder Theorem & The Factor Theorem The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra Transforming Polynomial Functions Modeling Data with Polynomial Functions Answers to the Exercises Learning Outcomes for Algebra 2 with TI-nspire: Semester 1 Learning Outcomes for Algebra 2 with TI-nspire: Semester 2 TI-nspire Functions & Programs

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