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It is now 60 years alter the Curse of Lysandra fell upon the holy lighthouse and the labyrinth beneath. When the ghost tower materialises every month, adventurers enter to seek the treasures that are rumoured to lie within. Yet, the tower is not as quiet as it once was. When die s^verr moon is full, terrible yowls rise from the depths of the lighthouse dungeon. The monsters inside have been breeding.... BESM Dungeon puts an anime spin on the traditional dungeon adventure. It offers multiple levels of mayhem, packed with a plethora of bizarre NPCs and hideous monsters. An homage to anime-style video games and classic dungeon hack role-playing, BESM Dungeon is a light-hearted level-up campaign for brave knights, cat-girl thieves, and elven mages! BESM Dungeon is the third of the three-book BESM Fantasy line, along with the BESM Fantasy Bestiary (02-109) and Uresia: Grave of Heaven (02-110).

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